We believe that advanced composite materials are the future.

Inspired by possibilities they have, after years of experience gained, we are ready to take on any challenges associated with production of almost any kind of carbon fiber composites components.

Extensive and comprehensive production facility enables us professional service of even the most demanding orders according to the highest standards with attention to every detail.

No matter if you want to change the look of your car or search for new opportunities in the area of design or solutions for industry - please contact us and we will do our best to meet your expectations.


For real enthusiasts who treat their cars as something more than just a mean of transport as well as for users who value individualism and sporting spirit, we offer different, top quality car parts and accessories that will emphasize the uniqueness of your vehicle.

We offer high quality exterior and interior elements manufactured with excellent design and superior quality, to distinguish you and your car from others. In addition, we are able to personalize custom projects in the area of exterior and interior modifications, car audio and many others. We are limited only by imagination.

Please visit our products section, where you can see our previous projects and assess their quality.


Motorsports are our passion. We design and manufacture parts of the body and interior for each branch of motorsport. Thanks to our wide range of competences and experience we are able to provide complex, professionally-made products:

- ultra light body panels made of carbon composites
- protective components made of Kevlar
- interior trim
- aerodynamic parts
- air intakes
- car body modifications

We use new materials and technology that allows us for professional and comprehensive service of even the most advanced projects. We can make 3D scan, design the necessary elements with CAD software and produce accurate parts using a CNC milling machine. Then we produce components out of carbon prepregs or with infusion technology. Apart from single custom projects we still work on widering our standard products offer.


Appreciating the beauty and good taste we want to make use of all carbon composites benefits such as combination of high strength, low weight and exceptional visual aspects. We invite all customers who are willing to use these possibilities in the area of design, functional art and industrial design for cooperation. We can deliver complex production possibilities to make high quality carbon parts such as: carbon seats and tables, carbon bathtubs, wine holders and many others. We can deliver flat carbon sheets and advanced solutions for advertising, exhibition and other purposes.